Established in 1949, the  Construction Association of Thunder Bay (CATB) has serviced the construction industry in Northwestern Ontario for over half a century. With a specific focus on the ICI (industrial/commercial/institutional) sector of the construction industry. CATB provides a broad range of services and programs to its members.


The Construction Industry

            The construction industry includes everyone who contributes to the building process, from project conception to the building management, maintenance and renovation. Construction is the second largest industry in the province of Ontario.

            It encompasses the suppliers of products, service and labour in the construction of industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential building. The industry also includes a supporting network of distributors, financial institutions, educators, industry associations, exporters, importers, regulatory agencies, buyers of construction, consultants, allied professions and government.

            Today’s construction business has become a complex, multi-faceted industry and a dynamic force in our Canadian society. That’s why no single employer can be expected to stay on top of all the issues and concerns necessary to ensure a healthy, thriving business in today’s competitive marketplace. Yet, if you don’t have the fact you’re left at the starting gate. This is were CATB starts.


The Facts

 The Construction Industry of Ontario

  • A Huge Industry – Out of the goods producing industries, construction ranked second to manufacturing and is larger than industries like tourism, agriculture and auto making.
  • A Large Employer – In 2004, construction employments reached roughly 6 percent (400,000) out of the provincial workforce of 6.8 million.
  • Job Creator – Every $1 million invested in construction produces more than 25 jobs directly and indirectly.
  • Powerful Economic Force – The construction industry in 2004 contributed approximately $35 billion to the province’s Gross Domestic Product, with the non-residential sector accounting for just under $10 billion
  • Outstanding Safety Record – For many years now, the lost-time injury frequency in construction continues to drop. It has dropped to a point where Ontario is amongst one of the best records in the world.
  • Environmental Leadership – The construction industry has been at the forefront of activities to clean and maintain the environment.
  • Innovators – Contractors worldwide are constantly seeking information on techniques and procedures pioneered by Canadians.



That’s where the Construction Association of Thunder Bay comes in.

            Members have come to rely on the services of CATB to assist them in their business needs. Whether arbitrating a contract dispute or offering advice on marketing your products locally, regionally and internationally, CATB exists to serve you. Whether you are interested in CATB’s advanced Plans Room service, or need a document notarized at a minute’s notice, CATB is ready to help you. Our many services are designed to meet the needs of the construction industry in Northwerstern Ontario.



A:         CATB, Construction Association of Thunder Bay, is a mixed construction association servicing the Thunder Bay and Surrounding Area’s ICI sector of construction. CATB enhances the knowledge of the construction industry to its members and assists in improving the performance of the organizations it represents. Through the development and administration of the programs and services described in this booklet, CATB works hard to keep its members progressive, informed and competitive.



A:        Membership has grown from a handful in 1949 to just under 200 companies. It takes strength in number and concerted action to accomplish anything worthwhile. We continue to grow because employers, such as yourself, find benefit in seeing our industry move forward. Members contribute to the growth of the construction industry through their involvements in CATB.



A:        As a “mixed” construction association, member companies represent the following market sectors: developers, architects, consulting engineers, designers, both union and non-union general and trade contractors, manufacturers, supply and service companies, allied professionals, Para professionals, consultants and affiliate associations. This wide range of membership ensures the entire industry is actively represented in all CATB activities.



A:        Membership in the Construction Association of Thunder Bay is open to both union and non-union contractors. The Association does not bind member companies to any collective agreement and CATB does not involve itself in Labour Relations.

            The General Contractors’ Section of CATB is an employer’s organization which represents its member and others in the negotiation and administration of collective agreements with six civil trade unions-Carpenters, Labourers, Operating Engineers, Bricklayers, and Cement Masons.

            Membership in the General Contractors’ Section is only available to those employers who are under agreement with one or more of the above-noted unions.







A:        Whether you are a one-person operation or large corporation, you can enjoy and profit from the many benefits you will receive as a CATB member. As this booklet illustrates, members enjoy a wide range of programs and preferred rates for goods and services vital to your business.



A:        The Construction Association of Thunder Bay is directed and controlled by its members. And elected board of directors, representing all the facets of the industry, oversees the operations of the association. Full-time professional staff administers the day-to-day activities and regularly report to the board.



A:        While membership fees play an important role in supporting the association, a broad range of revenue-generating activities provides most of the financing. These include rent from the tenants in the building, association publications, social events, professional development courses and seminars. All surplus monies are re-invested in the association for further expansion and improvement of membership services.



A:        No sponsorship is required to join CATB. We welcome all sectors of the construction industry. The only qualification needed by anyone wishing to join is an interest in what we do and the services we provide. Simply complete and application form and remit with payment?



A:        The application form indicates that annual membership fee. To arrange membership, simply complete the application form and mail it, together with payment (cash, cheque, or credit card) to the address on the back of this brochure. Please call if you have any further questions.



A:        NO! Join one and enjoy the benefits of belonging to both.


The Construction Association of Thunder Bay enhances the knowledge of the construction industry to its members and helps improve the performance of the organization they represent. Members are offered numerous services, products and programs designed to meet their special needs with the major emphasis on growth, betterment and development of CATB members.


Increased Visibility

            Membership in the Construction Association of Thunder Bay provides opportunities to raise your personal and corporate profile. CATB provides leadership opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities to gain prominence in the construction industry by being involved through committee work; teaching seminars; writing articles for the CATB Newsletter, attending social function, etc.


Access to Industry Leaders
Through membership you gain access to the leaders within the construction association.


Marketing Opportunities

            Strengthen your business; increase sales and discover new business opportunities. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to heighten your corporate profile. CATB recommends its members whenever people are looking for products and services. A major benefit/opportunity of your membership in CATB is Members supporting Members”.


Networking Opportunities … Keeping you Well Connected

            Membership in CATB provides the opportunity to increase your circle of valuable business contacts and strengthen your business relationships. Networking is an activity that stretches beyond the formal boundaries of the association. So, whether your interests lie in nurturing contacts in the professional arena, in business, industry or government sectors, you are likely to find a large number of our members in any of these. Useful allies to have when times are tough.


Professional Development

            CATB strives to help you become a more efficient and effective professional. Through our educational programs, seminars and publications, we provide relevant,     up-to-the-minute information. In a complex business environment, information is vital for growth and development.


Legislative Involvement

            Up-to-date information on new or changing legislation enables you to be one step ahead in a changing world. Our priority is to provide you and your organization with such information. This inside track to proposed plans and policies gives you a competitive edge, helping you to read trends, identify issues, and manage situations the moment they begin to emerge, rather than waiting until they become a crisis for your organization.




Marketing Opportunities

  Membership Directory

             CATB’s Membership Directory and Buyers Guide is an indispensable reference to the construction industry. It includes a complete CATB membership roster, key industry contact, and important decision-making information. The membership roster provides corporate and small business members with a tool to connect with other members.

            With 500 copies distributed and published on the internet (e-classified listing with website & email linkages), the Membership Directory become a low cost, high-visibility marketing tool profiling the products and services of CATB members.


  Construction Northwest Magazine

            CATB’s  Construction Northwest Magazine is publish once a year highlighting projects and member firms in the Northwest. It is distributed to over 400 industrial commercial and institutional clients in the northwest and across Canada.


Membership Certificate, Logos, and Decals

            Be proud of your association. Communicate your involvement in the industry. Knowing that members support each other, you can become part of the support network through displaying your CATB membership.


Networking Opportunities
  Social Events

            Network in a relaxed atmosphere. Have fun while making new contacts and reinforcing old ones. Some events include, Golf Classic, Curling Funspiel and a Annual General Meeting.


  Committee Participation

            Committee activities provide opportunities for informal interaction with the community and fellow members. The Construction Association of Thunder Bay invites you to work on a Committee of your choice. Become involved..It’s the right move! For more information about CATB committee participation, please call the CATB office at (807) 622.9645.


Project Opportunities

  Plans Room

            Northwestern ontario’s Largest Plans room has hundreds of sets of plans and specifications on display annually. Overnight and weekend sign-out privileges are available to Plans Room users. Copy facilities for full size drawings are available at CATB.


  Electronic Plans Room

            24 hour on-line access to tender drawings, specifications and addenda. Reduces traveling time, photocopying, panic for last minute addenda and rewards you with more quality time for pricing strategies.


  Projects List

            The daily project list provides timely information on projects out for tender, including a “likely bidders list”.


Financial Savings


            CATB member’s can offset their membership fee through the excellent discounts provided to CATB member’s..gasoline, car rentals,


  Meeting Rooms

            Members enjoy complimentary meeting rooms with ample free parking, conveniently located at CATB. Audio/Visual equipment is available at the CATB. Catering can be arranged. Evening events by special arrangement please.


  Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

            Our arbitration service has succeeded time and time again in resolving problems between parties concerning their contractual disputes. Keeping the disputes out of the courts saves everyone significant time and money.


   Affidavit Service

            Our commission of oath will provide free signature service for all CATB members. A notary public service for construction related documents (by appointment) is also available.


Information and Publications

   Advice and Assistance Program
CATB’s full-time management and support staff are able to assist and advise you on many business questions. Save both time and money!


   Documents and Publications

            A wide selection of CCDC and CCA standard documents; Construction Lien Act, Quantity Survey documents and publications on topics such as Bonding are inventoried at our two convenient locations. Members are offered substantial discounts. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable and eager to help you with your contract needs.



            CATB members are automatically integrated members of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and the Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA). These associations speak to the federal and provincial government respectively on important issues that affect the construction industry. They will keep CATB members informed through bulletins published Weekly.


Legislative Involvement

   Advocacy – Lobbying

            Numerous issues at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government impact our members and the entire construction industry. The Association observes and responds to government issues on behalf of its members. CATB endeavours to keep you thoroughly briefed on government legislation and activities affecting the construction industry. It is the ongoing responsibility of the association to act as the “voice” of the industry, particularly with regard to advancing projects. In recent years, CATB has successfully made the case for construction, gaining approval to get the shovel in the ground for billion of dollars in new projects.



            CATB representatives regularly dialogue with legislators and public officials to both enhance the role of our association and its members, and to contribute to Canadian society as a whole.



            If there ever was a time to be part of a great Association – an active and vital one with all the right strategic resources – it’s now!

            We invite you to join us today. Please complete an application an application and/or call or visit our website.