Project Listing Service

o       Daily Publication of a List of Projects out for Tender in North Western Ontario, complete with Addendum listings

o       CATB staff review leads for projects out for tender from many locations, local Architects and Engineers, City purchasing, City engineering, North Western Ontario municipalities and towns, MERX, MTO, Ontario Realty Corporation, Public Works Canada, Defence Canada, Canada Customs, Ontario Clean Water Agency etc. Many of these are on a daily basis in an effort to keep our plans listings up to date.

o       This daily publication is delivered to you, by fax, email or on the internet for download.

o       Daily Commercial News Available at the CATB office for review, which includes substantial completion notices.

        Physical Plans Room

o       Quiet room complete with plans tables for estimating and plan viewing of projects out for tender

o       Available to view and book overnight hard copies of Project Tender Documents

o       Available to view Addendums as issued by the Tender Calling Authority.

        Virtual Plans Room

o       Complete internet listing of projects out for tender

o       Downloading and Viewing of tender documents for projects out for tender.

o       Complete addendum viewing on line within minutes of being received from tender calling authority

        Commissioner Services

o       Commissioning of Statutory declarations for progress payment and Fairness is a Two Way Street etc.

        Document Sales

o       CCDC standard Document

o       Construction Lien Act

o       Occupational Health and Safety Act

o       Various publications of other Associations ie: OGCAís Guide to Construction Lien Act

o       Construction Safety Association of Ontario Documents

o       Most documents are in stock and available for pick up or mail out

o       If we donít have it we will find it for you.


        News Service

o       Weekly News Letter, containing up to date information on regulations, safety requirements, legal court case history, training courses, etc. All related to Construction.

        Advertising Possibilities and Industry Promotion

o       Membership Directory & Buyers Guide, published once a year in which you have a membership roster and divisional listings. It also provides the opportunity for advertising within the pages to most construction purchasers in North Western Ontario.

o       Construction Northwest Magazine, published Once a year in which members are given the opportunity to highlight projects they have completed and every year one firm is given the opportunity to highlight its history, accomplishment etc. Advertising is also available in the magazine which is distributed to Construction Purchasers throughout the Northwest.

        Blueprint Copying, Plotting, Specification Copying.

o       Copies of portions or all tender documents are available in short order, by phone call, fax, email or visit to CATB. Most copies can be made while you wait.

o       Scanning of documents, blueprints to most file formats is available at better than market rates.

o       Project drawings can be emailed to you if requested, or burned to CD


What do these services mean to you in Dollars:

        Daily project notices,

o       Reed Construction data charges $1700.00 for a fax subscription

o       DCN charges $1200.00 news paper subscription

o       Daily project notices included in membership with CATB.

        Physical Plans Room

o       No others available in the city.

        Electronic plans Room

o       Merx runs a plans listing. To view any of the documents you must order them. A yearly subscription is $ 348.00. This doesnít include the delivery charge for an 80 page spec book, and 10 drawings, which is approximately $75.00, plus addendum costs. At 10 drawings per year thatís $1098.00 per year.

o       Merx listings are included in our plans notices, most drawings we have in the plans room and on line. This service is included in your membership.

        Commissioning Service

o       If you had to go to a lawyers office, $25.00 per visit,$1.00 per form, $1.50 a seal. For 3 progress draws per month thatís $990.00 a year. At the CATB this service is free for all members.

        Document Sales

o       Members receive a discount on documents 30% to 50%, at $300.00 worth of documents thatís $100.00 savings plus.


o       You mail a letter to 400 construction purchasers in North Western Ontario. With postage and printing, itís approximately $400.00 for a one time letter. Our directory sits on the desks of over 400 construction purchasers all year round, and is included in your membership.

        Blueprint and copying

o       How long does it take to bring in a set of drawings to be copied? Round trip, approximately 30 minutes. Say you do this 40 times a year, thatís 20 hours. At the CATB, printing is available at a reasonable rate and all you have to do is call, fax or email ahead of time and your drawings will be ready for you when you arrive.Saving you the 20 hours, at $60.00 an hour, a savings of $1200 a year.

        News and Information Service

o       Most firms do not have the time to look for information regarding their business. At the CATB, we provide this service. It is like having the additional person in the office. Savings ?????



Why be a member? The items listed above amount to a cost of$4,988.00 plus the additional person. Cost to you as a member is $870.00 and we provide that additional person plus a contact with the industry through membership in the CCA and the COCA. The Association does countless lobbying and liaisons with Government, Municipalities and Industry on your behalf all at no charge. We even run a WSIB safety group which could rebate you 6% on your WSIB premiums.